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DOGGY DOGE Grooming & Training Academy

Pets are part of human’s everyday companion, a friend, and some even being treated as part of the family. Pet shops, veterinarian, pet grooming salons and pet accessories suppliers have increased drastically over the years to market demand causing increasing demand for manpower, especially pet groomers.

To ensure pets are in good hands and well taken care of, most pet owners will send their pets for grooming, bathing and hygiene purposes. Not only does it an act of love to your pets, pet owners will not hesitate to give what’s best for their beloved pets. Therefore, the profession of a pet groomer has developed into a necessity, and is now internationally recognized.

DOGGY DOGE Grooming & Training Academy aims to educate students on basic knowledge on pets, to understanding and grooming them. Meanwhile, this course allows them to be creative on their work and at the same time turning them into a professional pet groomer. In addition, we constantly learn and share knowledge from groomer across the world to exchange information to improve ourselves while promoting the grooming profession worldwide. DOGGY DOGE emphasizes on training students that are passionate and has a heart to become a professional pet groomer with international recognition.

DOGGY DOGE is a proud member of The Kennel Club Union of Asia (KCUA), and we are the only appointed pet grooming and training academy in Malaysia by KCUA. Our certificates are well known in the industry as well as locally and internationally-recognized. Students who graduated from DOGGY DOGE are likely to have better job opportunities and higher prospect.

Qualified professional pet groomers are given a chance to study and gain practical training overseas to master the pet grooming profession. We are currently collaborating with BREMEN DOG CREATIVE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL JAPAN. to boost our recognition. Working as a feeder school in Malaysia, we offer our graduates an opportunity to study and work overseas. 2019 Officially became The Malaysian Kennel Association MKA designated school, allowing students to have a higher degree certificate.





DOGGY DOGE Grooming & Training Academy 的 宗旨是要教育每一位学员对宠物的认识与全面的宠物美容知识,同时发挥学生的创意,培养他们成为专业的美容师。本学院课程更是由Cindy老师亲自授课,同时也根据国际 KCUA, MKA, APAC, FCI 的要求指导,便能保证授课质量。此外,我们也不断地向外国学习,互相交流,知己知彼之余,也希望把这门专业往外推广,迈向国际化。DOGGY DOGE主要栽培热爱动物与宠物美容的学生成为一位合法,专业以及受国际认可的宠物美容师。

DOGGY DOGE 亚洲育犬联盟 (The Kennel Club Union of Asia) 的成员之一,也是马来西亚唯一一家被指定的宠物美容学院,证书备受国际肯定,口碑佳,在宠物美容界也可说是无人不晓。在 DOGGY DOGE 毕业的学员们,凭着本学院毕业证书在国内外找工作也备受欢迎。

值得一提的是,合格的专业宠物美容师也有机会到国外做交流以及训练,提升自己于宠物美容学的知识。我们与日本 (Bremen学校法人野上学园,Bremen 爱犬创意专业学校) 联手合作,成为日本驻马来西亚办事处,提供学生前往日本深造和就业的机会。2019年正式成为 The Malaysian Kennel Association MKA 指定美容学校,让学员们有更高的学位证书。


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